Four Reasons Why Open Adoption Is Better for Adoptees

In the adoption community, when I see open adoption discussed, the dialogue makes it seem like maintaining open communication is for the benefit of the birth family, rather than the adoptee. Here are four reasons why I believe that open adoption is better for adoptees.

  1. Stay connected with biological roots.

It is important to feel connected in life. When talking to some adoptees that grew up in a closed adoption, it does not seem that they always felt connected to the people around them. While nurture and loving an adopted child is important and goes without question, some things can be said for maintaining biological roots and connecting with your biological ancestors.

  1. Have access to family medical history.

While I am not adopted, my parents have passed on and it is frustrating not having answers to questions involving family medical history. But at least for the first 21 years of my life, I had access and knew about my grandfather’s strokes or my grandmother’s thyroid condition. A lot of our modern medical care is based on known family medical history, so when an adoption is closed and that information is not able to be accessed, adoptees aren’t able to receive the level of medical care they deserve.

  1. Having answers to questions about their adoption.

As we grow up, we have a lot of questions about how we came to be and how our life was shaped up until the point that we could start making memories on our own. When adoption is closed, an adoptive parent may not have answers to questions such as a child’s birth story or how their name came to be or why they were placed for adoption. An adoptee can struggle with the hows and whys, and possibly feel negative feelings toward themselves about it all. If a birth family is involved with an open adoption, there can be a chance for these questions to be answered. 

  1. Having more people in their life who love them.

This is one of my favorite reasons in regard to open adoption. I don’t believe a person can ever have too much love or support in their life. There is room for every family member to love them and have a place in their life.